"Think globally, Act locally"

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bear den coffee cup

put into compost

Contrary to public opinion, coffee cups are not recyclable due to their plastic lining.  An estimated 25 billion coffee cups are thrown into the lanfill every year in the US alone.


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Bear Den Aspen composts everything we can, from x amount of food waste to our 100% compostable to-go containers.

Pitkin County landfill collects x amount of garbage per...

-highlight older, unlined landfill - waste will seep into river

-limited space in the landfill, eventually ship our trash out

-emissions for shipping per mile

-tourist-driven town, our waste is higher than towns of our size

-Bear Den Aspen focused on waste diversion through

1.  Composting in house

2. Compostable to-go materials

2. Food waste diversion: donating to food bank

4. Reduction of waste in cooking

5. Providing monetary incentives for bringing re-usable beverage containers

Composting is the easiest way
to fight climate change

The natural cycle of decomposition does not happen in our Pitkin County Landfill.  The landfill is sealed from the elements nightly, making it very difficult for waste to break down.  As this waste slowly decomposes, it creates methane gas, a greenhouse gas 84% more potent than carbon dioxide.


It takes 20 years for a plastic bag to decompose in the landfill.  A head of lettuce within that plastic bag will take 25 years to break down. In a commercial compost system, that same head of lettuce will take about 120 days to decompose.

What is composting?

Composting is recycling food and turning it into nutrient-rich, organic matter that can be used to fuel the future production of food.  By piling the food matter together, microorganisms are able to feed on the organic matter.  This creates heat as a bi-product, that in turn speeds up decomposition.

At Bear Den Aspen, we partner with EverGreen Zero Waste, who's expertise in composting simplifies the process for our small business.

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kitchen flow

Composting in a busy restaurant has its challenges.  By strategically placing bins in our kitchen and work spaces, we make it very convenient for our staff.

We've adopted EverGreen ZeroWaste's composting motto, "If it grows - it goes."

intentional purchasing
of sustainable packaging

All of Bear Den Aspen's coffee cups and to-go containers are 100% compostable.  Although the city of Aspen does not have public compost bins, Bear Den Aspen will happily accept our compostable containers after use.

Compostable products are more expensive than their non-compostable counter-partners.  Our prices reflect this cost increase.  However, at Bear Den we believe the increase in prices is worth it to reduce our impact on climate change.

We hope to be an example for other restaurants in the valley.  The more consumers demand compostable materials, the cheaper they will become.

Photos in a row of compostable products

creative cooking techniques to reduce food waste

example - veggie chips

veggie stalk

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French toast, bread cake

bring your own reusable mug for __ off
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