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breakfast cocktails

mimosa bubbles and fresh-squeezed
orange juice 

toasted french toast in a glass 16.

bear den bloody classic morning fix with Grey Goose vodka 16.

                        *make it a hyder and spice it up

spiked oj Helix vodka, fresh squeezed orange and grapefruit juice, bubbles 13.

breakfast bowls

rio grande smashed avocado, frijoles, fried egg, crispy potato patty, cheese, quinoa & salsa      16.

green goddess spirulina smoothie bowl with fresh fruit, toasted almonds and bee pollen      12.

house granola with greek yogurt and fresh fruit 10.

from our daily bake -

english muffins

*limited availability


farm eggs with bacon & cheddar cheese 14.

sunnyside two farm eggs with coriander pesto, red bell peppers, sautéed onions & cheddar cheese  14.


french toast board challah & sourdough french toast, berries & maple syrup 


served open faced on sourdough

silver queen soft-scrambled eggs, prosciutto & shaved comté cheese 16.

avo-control house guacamole, herb garlic white bean dip, microgreens      15.